Cattle for sale: Baltata Romaneasca has a remarkable meat production


Baltata Romaneasca, Romanian Baltata or Romanian Spotted Cattle it is descended from two breeds: Simmental imported from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland and Romanian Steppe Grey. Baltata Romaneasca (see more here: weighs at maturity 600 kg and the bull weighs 900 kg. It is a great cow breed because its annual milk production averages 4 500L. The meat production its also a very good one.


You will find the Romanian Spotted Cattle in the mountain regions because they are so hardy. The historical provinces of the Baltata Romaneasca offered the best breeding conditions: Banat, Bucovina, and Transylvania. Nowadays, this cow breed is the most numerous in Romania.


Baltata Romaneasca it is characterized by a high variability. This thing was possible due to:

  • The Simmental breed’s polymorphism

  • The great variety of the maternal breed

  • The changing of the objects in the improvement of Simmental Cattle’s productive abilities.


Baltata Romaneasca is red with white and it has shades that vary from brick red to chestnut/yellow with white (from light yellow to wheat yellow ochre).

Great milk production – Baltata Romaneasca cows are the best for sale

For  the best results in the milk production, Baltata Romaneasca is the greatest choice: 6% of these cows reach 8-9 lactations by the age of 11-12 years. If there is an excessive continental climate, milk production will be influenced. It is very important to know that frost causes smaller daily gains. Baltata Romaneasca it is easy to manage and has a very high resistance when the life conditions are hard and, for a short time, when they have poor nutrition.

The milk is very suited for high-suited cheese.

Romanian Spotted Cattle and the meat production

This breed is very good for intensive fattening. At the age of one year, some young bulls can even reach 500 kg.

At birth, newborn calves weigh 38-40 kg. They reach the following body weights during the ontogenetic ages:

  • At 3 months, males have 110-130 kg and females have 105-120 kg

  • At 6 months, males have 180-190 kg and females have 170-180 kg

  • At 9 months, males have 240 kg and females have 200-220 kg

  • At 12 months, males have 330-400 kg and females have 280-340 kg

  • At 18 months, males have 520-550 kg and females have 390-440 kg

cattle-for-sale Import cattle from Romania

In 1994, was founded a company in Cluj-Napoca city, Romania, named Seradria. Its main activity is the sale of cattle livestock and sheep livestock. Another object of activity is fattening and veterinary treating. Seradria exports animal feed: granulated or bales. This company has a strong relationship with clients from the European Union and many Middle East countries: Greece, Germany, Italy, Jordan, France, Spain, Tunisia, Syria, Israel, and Libya.

Every single cattle that is for sale has tags in their ears with an identification number, numbers that are electronically stored to the ANSVSA servers. Also, cattle are delivered with an individual passport where the client can find out details about their date and mother.

If you want to import cattle from Romania, is the best choice you can make!


Most people live and die by reserving the seat next to the window

Most people live and die by reserving the seat next to the window
If you are thinking that you want to travel in the near future but aren’t sure what steps to take then you’re in the right place. When it comes to traveling you want to make sure you know everything there is to know and apply that information accordingly, knowledge like that here in this article should help you do that.

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Best Ways To Get Relief For Your Back Pain

Best Ways To Get Relief For Your Back PainBack pain can manifest itself in different ways. Acute back pain can come on suddenly in the form of a sharp pain. Chronic back pain is something that stays with you, and that can feel like a constant dull ache.

Regardless of what type you have, if you have back pain, you should seek remedies for it. Back pain that goes untreated can get worse and make you miserable. Read the following article for helpful ideas on how you can deal with back pain.

The first thing you should do is figure out what exactly caused your back to ache. If you had been well and you feel a sharp pain all of a sudden, it may be a sign that you had just pulled a back muscle. Perhaps you were engaged in heavy physical activities earlier in the day and had put your back through heavy strain. If you have been feeling your back pain for a while, the cause may have something to do with a pinched nerve or the cumulative effects of poor posture. Try to pinpoint the cause, and you will be better equipped to find the right remedy.