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How to set your office area?

How to set your office area?Besides the budget available, the calculations for determining a company’s headquarters area must take into account the number of employees, the type of business and of headquarters (front office / back office) and the supply of office buildings in the target area. All these count for when buying an office building.

The area, each employee occupies, is calculated based on the size of the workstation, the position held within the company, the way of working (if work involves a certain number of hours spent outside the office or not) synergies with other divisions of the company, the company’s business culture, operational communication within the company and other strategic criteria such as future growth of a department.

This surface is then framed, ideally, on the available area of the building chosen, resulting in the required surface. The principle recommended is: a relocation or consolidation transaction should not consider an area exactly, but a number of people who have a specific place. The estimated area is a cumulative result of several factors: the floor design, natural light, access to emergency exits etc.

The Advantages of Buying a Property for Your Business

The Advantages of Buying a Property for Your BusinessMany small and medium sized business owners prefer to pay rent for the property in which their company operates rather than buying it. While there are advantages to this practice, in the long run, if our company is enjoying a good deal of success, we should consider buying our very own premises.

Choosing to buy a property for our business can prove, if done at the right time, to be the best investment that we have ever made. While there are a number of risks to which we are exposed when doing this, the overall advantages of owning a property can outweigh the disadvantages.

Just as in the case of buying a house as opposed to living on someone else’s property and paying rent, the main advantage when buying a property is that we won’t have a landlord. We will basically be able to do whatever we want on our premises without having to worry about getting someone else’s approval.