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Evolutionary medicine and human health secrets

Evolutionary medicine and human health secrets
Why cancer exists? Or, more generally, why we get sick? Not ” how ” – it handles medical research and practice that unravel the molecular mechanisms and physiological underlie health and disease. A more difficult question is ” why” people get sick? – Why evolution has structured these mechanisms in a way that makes us vulnerable to disease?

Why are diseases for which there is pain, there mental illness, why the human body has the power to survive the onslaught of thousands of pathogens and yet falls prey to so many diseases? We are on the playing field – or the battlefield – of a new and fascinating science: evolutionary medicine or darwinian medicine, as it is called, which starts from the theory of evolution to understand the concepts of health and illness.

What To Do If Your Friend Has Cancer?

What To Do If Your Friend Has Cancer?Has one of your friends been diagnosed with a cancer? You should do your best to help them fight their cancer. The following article is filled with useful tips you should know about if you want to help your friend.Let your friend know that you are available to help them if they need you. You should meet with them as soon as they find out about the diagnosis and talk about their feelings.

Give your friend a chance to open up about their feelings. If your friend does not seem ready to talk about how they feel, give them some time alone. Encourage your friend to contact you when they need to talk about their cancer. Get in touch with them a few days later if you have not heard back.Drive your friend to their different appointments.