Find Good Used Printing Equipment

Find Good Used Printing EquipmentMany people have difficulties when it comes to getting used printing equipment, and this is mostly due to the fact that they believe that used printing machines are not worth buying because they will prove to be of very low quality, and will thus provide us with low quality prints.

Although when searching for used printing machines we will find printing machines that are no longer functioning at optimal parameters that does not mean that we can’t find machines that are in good condition, as well. Most of the time people fail to understand that there are many types of printing machines, each made for a specific purpose, and each providing us with different qualities of print.

The fact and the matter is that we can easily find used printing equipment that is in very good condition, and at very good prices. Getting brand new printing equipment can prove to be quite expensive, and if we are just starting off, spending most of our money on buying just one printer can be a very bad choice.

We can save up to 50 percent by choosing to buy used printing equipment as opposed to buying it all new. Saving this much money by going used can certainly seem like the best deal for anyone, but there are some drawbacks when it comes to buying used machines.

The main drawback when buying use equipment is the fact that we can’t really know for how long and how well the equipment will function, unless we learn some technical things about it, or we get sound advice from a technician in the field. If we want to go at it alone there are some important aspects we need to consider before buying a used printing machine.

First and foremost, we need to make sure that, if we choose to purchase the machine, there are no legal boundaries that can prevent us from moving and otherwise using the machine. Secondly, we need to be able to find out the machine’s full history: how many imprints it has made and what parts were replaced and why.

Most machines will have a service record history that we can check. As a general rule, machines that have had electrical or registration problems will be difficult to work with. Also, if a machine has had multiple replacements of the PLC, master controller or the output controller, then there is certainly something wrong with it, and we should avoid buying it.

Other things we should look for when trying to buy a used printing machine are whether it has suffered abuse, and whether it is making strange sounds when it’s functioning which can indicate that something is binding or out of sync.

The fact is that most machines will suffer a change over time when it comes to the synchronization of the PLC signals and the timing of the machine. If the two will become completely out of sync, then the machine will no longer function until we replace the relevant parts.

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