Formal and casual cravats – what to wear?

Formal and casual cravats – what to wear?Cravat can be distinguished in two ways. There is formal as well as casual cravat.

The formal Cravat has received this name from Royal Cravat and Heath Cravat, which is a very famous horse race in England where people had to wear a formal dress in the morning, a morning coat and traditionally a high collar and a piece of material, represented by a formal silk piece, usually in the silver color with some black parts, which tightened with a double node and then fixed with a needle. Today, these formal cravats are seldom worn because they can make you look a little out of date.

The casual cravat is a much more popular version of the cravat that became popular in the 30s as a casual, non-slip version of the tie. Practically, the cravat was worn when the tie and the bow tie were too formal, so people wanted something more relaxed. As such, they were at home with a dressing gown, a jacket, a vest or a sweater, and some wore their coat and jacket, or just a summer sweatshirt.

First of all, there are Cary Grant, Clark Gable and many others who regularly wear cravat, simply because it’s a great way to express your style.

Today, clothing is often more casual, and an cravat is a great way not to look careless but elegant, and those around you will notice that you are wearing a cravat and thus ask questions and here a conversation can begin. A cravat is also a very good alternative if you do not like the collar around your neck, because the collar of the shirts should be worn out and simply make your outfit both stylish and releasable at the same time.

Because you are wearing a scarf that comes in contact with your skin in an area where you have a beard growing, it’s important to wear a scarf that is printed and not a Jacquard or scarf, because otherwise the beard can easily destroys the cravat, by breaking the yarns. Another aspect that you have to pay a lot of attention when buying a cravat is that it has to be soft. It’s right near your skin so you really want to be comfortable, not rigid and scratch you, and so a soft silk is the right way.

As for the models, you can choose something bold and colorful because it is a more casual accessory and of course you always want to try to match the rest of the dress. If you are wearing a mattress, it would be preferable to wear a jacket or skirt with squares or squares to create a harmonious gown.

The cravat can be worn in many ways, and in some situations it fits into formal events, such as weddings and wears over the shirt. It is refined and elegant and prints a note special to the one who carries the cravat, so purchase cravats for special events.

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