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What can be printed in a printing office?

What can be printed in a printing office?Who needs books anymore when we have smart phones and tablets to ourselves? Who needs a flyer when you see the information on the much too powerful Internet?

Who can read on a piece of paper instead of looking at some glass that reveals pretty images? Who needs a database of printing offices when no one seems to be looking at what is real, preferring instead the “beauty” of the virtual things?

By our hands are always things that travel. The buss tickets, the subway ones, our money, and almost everything that has a physical appearance is the work result of a printing office. You might say that there aren’t so many. But we will disagree. Look on the Internet and you will find an enormous database of printing offices that still exist despite the power of the Internet.

How to tattoo you car ?

How to tattoo you car?We all care about our cars especially when they cost a lot of money, and if they are produced under a certain name.

But this is not the only reason to do that. When having in property some goods, we are trying to protect them, so that they can last for as much time as possible.

But, sometimes, there are moments when you need a change. Maybe you want a new colour of the car, or maybe you want some models to go with it. For that, we searched the process of collating a car, staring from an used printing machines at Usedpresses.org, for printing the image, all the way to last layer of  foil.